We Support Central Oklahoma: Any funding provided to Veterans Corner Inc. on Hwy 9 West stays right here in Oklahoma to help support the veterans in our community.

To help out: Go to our Facebook page and click the “Donate” button. 

The Veterans Corner building was constructed solely with your donations and will be used to help even more veterans. Thank you for your support!

Most of our current board members, who volunteer and take time out of their busy schedules, have served with distinction and continue to serve fellow military members and to change the lives of veterans families who need our help.

Veterans Corner  Board Members
Alfred Hollis, Chair
Phone:  (405) 250-6304

Bob Staples, Vice-Chair

Jerry Baxter, Treasurer
Phone: (405) 833-0773

Betty Vannoy Bromlow, Secretary

Art Sipes
Franklin Thompson
Keith Riggins
Barbara Barb
Jimmy Flowers

Benny Crowe and Jerry Ferguson represent the Volunteers